Monday, July 25, 2011

Slimmer This Summer - Week 7 Results

Here are my stats for the Challenge:

Weight: I stayed the same. 248
Water Consumption: I actually did pretty good with water this week.
Activities: I did not try a new class. I did not get 10K per day

Sad but true facts. But, alas this is a new week. We are finishing up with the packing of the office so I will be getting some good activity in today. Good way to kick off the week. This is going to a memorable week fo sho. New commute, new office and clean slate.

Speaking of activity, I put up a calendar on my sidebar for Activity. It is a free calendar and I used it before but had some technical difficulties but I am hoping to start using it again. Jo over at The Tortoise uses hers daily.

Hope you guys had a good weekend! Mine was pretty good - nothing too exciting that I can mention ;-). One thing I did want to ask though is do you guys ever eat anything that you KNOW is going to give you a belly ache or have an adverse reaction and you still eat it? I decided to have a salami sandwich for lunch yesterday and even told the sandwich maker it was my once a year sandwich because it usually upsets my tummy. Well, it did and it was NOT worth getting sick over. Blerghh.... Hope we all have a good week and that everyone did better then I did on the challenge. Until next time...

P.S. I am working on another fun giveaway so stay tuned!


  1. Ok, so last week wasn't all it could be---forget it and move on! This week is going to be your best yet! I can feel it!

    And no, I finally learned not to eat things that make me feel sick. It took me forever though!

    It's on to an awesome week!

  2. I read your blog with each update and want you to know that you inspire me! Have a great week!

  3. I ate a Whopper last night that made me sick sick sick. I think it was my 2nd Whopper in 2 years. So my answer would be hell to the yes.

    why do we do it? :)

  4. hey no gain is a WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Yay for the clean slate. Have a great week Katie.

  6. I ate two onion rings a few months after I had my gallbladder out and was violently ill, so after that, NO, I've never eaten anything that I knew would make me sick. That cured me, big time!

  7. I do the same thing. This weekend I ate too much and am def. up on the scale. I know it's going to make me sick and I do it anyway. It isn't worth it..why do we do it? I'll never understand!

  8. YEs! I have done that with Pizza Hut pizza. It always gives me a belly ache but it is so good! Of course now that I started my weight loss journey I haven't had it, lol! Suppose that is a good thing. To bad all fattening foods didnt give me a belly ache!

  9. McDonald's cheeseburgers always make me feel like shizz afterwards, but every once in a while I have a jones for them!

  10. I cannot have coffee and I miss it terribly!! Also - chips! They're just too hard and not worth the effort. :(


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