Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Whirlwind Wednesday

Had a decent night last night. Went to get the facial as planned which was wonderful. I just love the massage you get while getting the facial done. I scheduled my next appt. for August 18th. I wrote it down this time and put it here so I won't forget. I really think that the facials have improved my skin. I have been taking more pictures of my face and I can see the difference. I have rosacea and it has really helped reduce the redness. I just read that Irish and Northern European women are more likely to have it. Well, that makes a whole lot of sense now doesn't it... Dinner was pasta and a salad with garlic bread.

Today at lunchtime, I am meeting my extended family for my cousin's birthday. This will be the last time that I can meet them during the day since we are moving our office next week. Of course I can still meet with them on the weekends but it has been nice to be able to pop over to CoCo’s and meet with them and then come back to work.  We are going to be packing up the office today actually. Our maintenance guys are coming over to help us. They will help with the common areas like the kitchen, supply room, library etc. At least I will get some calories burned packing up boxes. Until next time...


  1. a facial sounds great... :) Sadly, I have PCOS that causes hair growth on the face so I don't have the guts to get a mask or something done because I don't want anyone to see the hair up close. :(

  2. Hey Katie!

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  3. I had recently gotten rosacea and I did not know that facials would help. Metrogel doesn't do much.

  4. Still trying to get up the courage to have a facial...good to know that they really work (I've always wondered if they aren't just a glorified steam treatment). :)


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