Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Calories and Cathartic

Had a good evening last night. Had a BLT for dinner and made it a wrap. It was tasty! After dinner, I did some crunches and used the medicine ball for some upper arm work. I did not have a chance to do measurements and hoping to do them tonight. Maybe I will even take some comparison pics - we will see.

My calorie goal has been 1400-1600 calories per day. According to the Fitbit, I should be eating more calories. For example, yesterday I consumed 1704 cals but it said I was 332 under. That seems kind of strange to me. I know it is based on my weight, age, activity level etc. but it just seems like a lot. Hard to imagine I am not eating enough. Any thoughts?

I am planning on going to the gym after work today. My gym bag is packed and ready to go. I plan on doing some cardio and then some leg machines since I worked on my arms and upper body last night.  My girlfriends are starting a Aqua Fitness class today that is offered through the city. I am going to sign up for it but start it next week. It is for 8 weeks every Tuesday and I can make up the ones we have missed already.  It will be fun to have a buddies to exercise with.

I wrote a scathing letter to my brother yesterday. He has decided to come to visit again this weekend but I learned about his visit from my mom.  I have held it in for years and years and I finally let it fly. He did not respond but I am not surprised. I called him on ALL his bullsh*t like forgetting mom's birthday, not taking care of things when he visits etc. It was not my intent to fight with him but I could not hold it in anymore. I feel worlds better now that I put it out there. Hopefully, it will bring some kind of resolution. Until next time...


  1. Wish I could help you on the calories, Im still trying to figure out where I should be!

  2. I always feel better after I put it out there. That's why I journal every night before I go to bed. It's the perfect way to put it out there and, sometimes, I take it and rewrite it to send to whomever my disillusionment is directed. I used to rail on their heads. LOL

  3. I have had a fitbit since March. I have also been a Weight Watcher. I know that you have to eat to lose weight (notice I didn't say over eat). I have lost 1 pound since they updated the website with the meter. We will see how I do this week. Let us know how the Aqua class goes.

  4. I think you'll like the Aqua class - its really a good workout!

    And good for you for getting your feelings out there - that's the only way you can move forward.


  5. I am no nutritionist, but you might find you lose weight when you are eating more calories. I looked back at your other screen shots, and if you do the math (calories out minus calories in) you should be losing right? Problem is if you are eating too little your body goes into starvation mode and hoards all that fat. I'd suggest trying it out at the 1600-1700 range for a little while to see if you do lose.

    Generally, it is suggested that I eat anywhere from 1800-2000 calories for weight loss (at 277 pounds).

  6. Atta girl Katie. Glad you had your say. Enjoy Aquafit!!!

  7. I think Fitbit is on crack if it's telling you to eat 2000 calories to LOSE weight. Maybe you should try for 1700 - 1800 a day for two weeks (with your new exercise routines - yay you!) and see if you lose. Then you can make adjustments up or down (or keep it at that) depending on your results. Just my two cents. ;)

  8. Can the person who mentioned starvationmode give some links to studies on that. I've yet to see anything that conclusively shows this in a nutrient rich diet. I have seen info that folks like me who were morbidly obese or obese and lose weight do not have a metabolism in the range of never-obese folks. One of the unfair realities.

    If you are maintaining, you're eating enough to maintain. If you are losing, you're eating enough to lose. If you are gaining, you're eating too much. That's really the only things you need to know. :) If you have a caloric deficit of 500 calories a day, you should lose about a pound a week barring some medical/other issues (water retention from sodium or a kidney disorder, using steroids, etc).

    If you aren't losing, then you need to assess what you are eating, how much, if you are measuring it properly (spoonfuls, cupfuls, oils used, sugar added), or if you're forgetting to track some snack here or there. Eyeballing measures isn't enough (I know, when I eyeball I either do too little or often too much after a while, the dread portion creep). Eating out is dicey. A restaurant can have a caloric count on their list and the restaurant may serve you more, with more fats, more sugars. They can't have laboratory control.

    It's a lot of factors. Basically, if you aren't losing, cut back a couple hundred calories and see if that does it. Adding calories..well...that's not what should be tried first, right?

  9. Here's my two cents....

    I've lost 100 lbs. in the last two years. I still have 30 to go. I run 25 miles a week and I eat an average of 1,800 calories a day. Yes, you do have to eat enough so that your body doesn't think it's starving, but if you eat too much - you won't lose weight. It's a delicate balance.

    For me - as much as I exercise - I am not losing at 1,800 calories because my body is used to my preferred exercise - running. I want to lose more, so I'm going to add in some different exercise and lower my caloric intake by 200 calories a day. Based on trial and error with my own body - I know that will produce a 4-6 lb. a month weight loss.

    Take a realistic look at the amount of daily exercise you're doing. If you're eating approx. 1,700 calories a day and burning a 2,300 calorie outlay - something is off. So, either you are eating more than you're counting, or you're not burning as much as you think. How are you arriving at the 2,323 calorie # you are burning?


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