Friday, August 19, 2011

Fish and Friday!

Happy Friday! Woot Woot! Always glad to see Friday as a working gal. It has been a pretty good week though so I am not thoroughly exhausted. I went to Planet Beach last night as planned. I love their services but their scheduling stinks. I was scheduled for 4 different services but they did not have me on the schedule last night for the one I wanted (red light therapy) so I had to make an extra appt. just to get that one in.  THEN, I forgot my Fitbit there. Ughh! I was showing someone how it works and did not put it back on afterwards so I will go and pick it up today. I peeked at the scale and it seems to be moving so that is a good thing.

When I got home I had this for dinner. It is Salmon with Tomato Peach Salsa.  It was on the cover of Cooking Light's July issue. It was super tasty and super easy to make. Definitely will be having it again. I just love my salmon :-)
As for the weekend, I don't have any specific plans. My brother and his family AND DOGS are here so I will be getting together with them at some point. We will be meeting up with our extended family as well. I don't plan on seeing them tonight though. This may sound catty but I look at it as an opportunity for me to take a break. Hopefully the pool is heated this time and I get a chance to take a dip. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!  Until next time...


  1. Hope you have a GREAT weekend Katie!!!!

  2. I don't eat fish, but BOY-OH-BOY does that salmon look delish!

    What a great, healthy meal!

  3. Was making a blogroll and had to come over to still your link for it. I just wanted to congratulate you on your success and vision. I'm having a hard time finding my way to right now - healthy eating wise - but reading your stuff fills me with hope and inspiration.

    It's official: you rock.


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