Monday, August 1, 2011

Slimmer This Summer - Week 8

Here are my stats for the Challenge:

Weight: I stayed the same. 248
Water Consumption: I actually did pretty good with water this week.
Activities: I did not try a new class. I did not get 10K per day

How was your weekend ladies and gents? Mine was good. Saturday I did not do too much other then go to my mom's to help her with her stuff. She wanted to go to lunch and I declined and she was not happy. Pffttt!! I did bite my tongue though and just let her say what she wanted to say. This too shall pass... It is just going to take some time and lots and lots of patience.

On Sunday, I decided to make it "Katie Day" and had a wonderful time doing just what I wanted to do. I got to sleep in, I did some cleaning and organizing including cleaning out the tupperware drawer. I painted a watermelon bowl and went in the jacuzzi across the street. I rode my bike and did some reading too. Here are some pictures of my bowl as I painted it. I need to take it in to be glazed and fired.


Inside base

Inside covered

Seeds galore!

I always name my pieces :)
 Hard to believe it is August 1st today! This summer is just flying by! August is turning out to be a busy month so hopefully I can get things rolling again with my weight loss and keep moving in a positive direction. I have had enough of this dog paddling for awhile. Hope we all have a great week! Until next time...


  1. I love your bowl Katie. I am glad you have found time to do this. As for the dog paddling, one of these days it will start dropping off. good luck in August. hugs.

  2. Love the bowl! Have a great week :)

  3. Katie Day sounds great! I love your watermelon bowl and the pictures showing the evolution of it - plus how you name your pieces just shows how creative you are...very, very cool. :)

  4. Very cute bowl! I also like that you name all of your pieces!

    Good for you- taking a day for yourself- we should all do that from time to time.

  5. You are so talented Katie! And how much do I love that you had a Katie J day? So much - good for you!

  6. Hooray for "Me" time.

    Love the bowl. =)

  7. Dog paddling, while fun, can keep us stuck. It just keeps our heads above water! Hopefully you will be doing the breast stroke in no time at all.

  8. I love those pottery places, they're so fun and it makes great gifts. Focus on you and your goals. Do not give up.

  9. What a cute bowl! I love it! You're doing okay, just keep at it, the weight will come off!!!

  10. Always admire people with talent! Bowl is lovely!

    Are you tracking your food intake?/ Sure has helped me.

    Stay strong, michele

  11. Oh I love that bowl. Last week I made record bowls and painted them. Nothing compared to your paintings but still happy with them.
    Keep up the great work and your weight will just fall off. It's hard but possible. I made my goal this past weekend so now time to learn maintenance.
    Take care and God Bless!!


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