Monday, November 7, 2011

Fall and Flannel

Guess what this is
Good Morning my bloggy buds! Hope you had a good weekend. Mine was pretty okay. Nothing too exciting to report. Went a little nuts on sweets on Saturday with some brownies and cookies but curbed it on Sunday. The brownies were at my neighbors and the cookies were at home. The weather was pretty funky so stayed in most of the weekend. Did get on my bike for a few minutes but just rode it around the block before it started raining again.

There have been quite a few NSVs (Non Scale Victories) that losing 65+ lbs has brought on. One of them is the fact that I can use flannel sheets. I have always wanted to try them but I was always hot when I was at my heaviest and could not even think about it but now, I do feel temperatures much more so I got some blue flannel sheets and I absolutely love them. They are so soft, warm and cozy. Makes me want to snuggle in bed longer :-)

The flower above is actually an air freshener! I got it at Target and it smells fantastic. It says it should last 60 days so I will let you know. I put it in the bathroom shelf and it looks great there. It was like $4.99 or so. Hope you have a good day! Until next time...

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  1. So funny, back in the day I never could see what the fuss was about flannel sheets, but like you said, lose weight, and they become a necessity!


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