Saturday, November 26, 2011

Middle Road

I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving. I went out to dinner with my mom and brother to a restaurant called McCormick & Schmicks. They specialize in Seafood so it right up my alley. I had Sashimi and California rolls for dinner. I also had 3 Lemon Drops which were mighty tasty! They did have a full Thanksgiving dinner but both mom and Bob ate Filet Mignon. We all shared one chocolate mousse for dessert.

Yesterday the extended family got together for lunch but I bailed out. Part of it is being in pain but I just wasn't emotionally up for it either. I am supposed to go to dinner with them tonight and really should but I have been avoiding which is not healthy either. I have been in a funk mood with all the changes going on but I am acknowledging it and trying to push through it. I was proud of myself that I saw Danielle two days in a row and I haven't seen her in months.

I stepped on the scale and it is up a number of pounds. I needed to check myself before I ended up stuffing my face and seeing that number go up too much. I am able to go on short walks so I can be mildly active but I need to control my portions.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. Until next time...


  1. BIG hugs to you. :) I hope your mood improves and I hope you're feeling better STAT. :)

  2. Love california rolls- I was shocked to see how low in calories they are! Sounds like you had an awesome dinner! However, I realize your month has been shit, and that is certainly not something to press putting extended family on top of it-I totally get your meaning. I hope you are feeling up soon, and that the Christmas season is able to swing you about! Hugs!

  3. Good for you for turning down the invitation and taking care of YOU!!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend Katie.

  4. I hope things start turning around so that you can get out of this funk. I think you need some you time. Maybe go out & get pampered. Nothing wrong with that!!


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