Thursday, November 3, 2011

Weigh Day and My Lap

Had a decent night last night. Dinner was a Caeser Salad with Prawns from across the street. The prawns were a little overdone so I think I will go back to the salmon. It is always cooked perfectly. I was extra tired so I went to bed and read at 9:00 p.m. and was asleep shortly thereafter. I am reading A Place of Yes on my Kindle.

Today is weigh day and I am happy to report a 2 lb. loss which puts me at 252. It is encouraging to see the scale moving again let me tell you. I have not been exercising like I need to be though. With my injuries I have been a little lax. I have to wear the soft cast until 11/14/11 but that does not mean I can't be active in the meantime.
My buddy Negra
This is my neighbor's dog, Negra. She is my wittle fwend! Isn't she cute? When I go and visit I always pick her up and cuddle on her and sometimes she will sit in the chair next to me so I can pet her. Well last night, without any prompting, she hopped on my lap! She has never done that before... my belly was in the way before so she could not sit comfortably but now that it is slimming down there is room for her. I was shocked! I have a lap again! A great NSV! (Non Scale Victory)

Going to my mom's tonight and not really looking forward to it. She is upset because she got a bill for the in-home care she has been receiving and was angry it was so much. I had to explain that I was presented with two options: one was for her to go home with assistance or the other was for her to go into Assisted Living. She wanted to go home so that is what I made happen and now she feels like she wasn't consulted which she was all along. The stroke has affected her short term memory so I have to be patient and remember to breathe. Until next time...

P.S. Shannon, I need your address to send the coffee so email it to me at katiejisonherway at gmail dot com :-) ok?


  1. Dealing with aging parents is quite challenging. Deep breaths, indeed Katie.

    Glad you got victories on both the scale and in your lap!

  2. So glad you're losing again. Come on, we bought our Vera purses at nearly the same time. I'm already using mine (made it into the 170s at fricken last in October), and you need to get to 70 lbs lost to use yours. (You're not using it, right. It's a reward and you gotta EARN it. heh :)

    A lap is wonderful. I remember the joy of putting a napkin on my lap in a restaurant and it was actually there to catch things and not barely clinging to my knee. ; ) Wait til you can fully, easily cross your knees with the foot able to reach the other leg's ankle. What a feeling! Sexy!

    Hope you see a similarly wonderful loss next weigh-in!!!!!

  3. That is a cute pup! How fun that she likes you - and your lap!!!

    You are getting to practice a lot of patience with your mom - not easy, not fun, but necessary. Hope it went well tonight.


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