Thursday, November 10, 2011

Weigh to Be

Had a pretty good day yesterday. I had brought my lunch to work but had to go to the Post Office so I ended up eating at Panda Express. I had only been there once before and I did not particularly like the chow mien they serve (I don't like fried rice) so I asked if I could just order an entree item and you can so that is what I did. I got Walnut Prawns. According to their website, this was 370 calories. They do have some healthy options that are called Wok Smart. They are items that are 250 calories or less. Nice to know there are somewhat healthy options when you are craving Chinese food.

I got on the scale this morning and I stayed the same at 252. I have not been active this week with this allergy/cold thing going on so I was not expecting much. My back is also hurting which is really unusual for me so I am going to modify my calories to make up for it.

This was my view this morning on my way to work. I just had to capture it because it was so pretty. As I got closer to work it turned pink but the traffic over here is horrible so I did not want to risk it.

Speaking of traffic, we have an arrival and departure process where the kids are dropped off and picked up and they have to drive in front of our building to get to the school. Well, to avoid the speed bumps that were there, they would swing around into our parking area. Yesterday, the speed bumps were extended so now people cannot avoid them. I don't think I have ever been so happy to see a speed bump EVER. Until next time...


  1. Katie J, I'm rooting for you! At one point we were the same weight and we encouraged each other a lot. You can do this girl. Get yourself back in that gym--no excuses! It's been SO HARD for me the past couple of months, I keep losing and gaining the same 5 pounds. But, WE CAN do it!!

  2. Love that they extended the speed bumps. Hah!

    I didn't know Panda Express had healthier options. Last time I ate there was before May of 2008 - I used to love their Orange Chicken. But this is especially nice to know, since they are two doors down from James Avery.

  3. Shelley, back away fro the Panda Express!!!

    Katie, I understand about the speed bumps completely! Why can't people drive sanely and be defensive drivers. I almost got hit this morning walking down my hill to start my run because it's a one way street and someone decided that since it was dark it would OK to drive the wrong way up! I yelled a bad word and it was probably one of my neighbors ;)

  4. Hi Katie. What a fantastic shot of the sky. And love that they moved the speed bumps. WHY are people in such a hurry??? GRRR. Have a great Thursday.

  5. Girl I am CHEEERING YOU ON from the ATX.

    Have a great weekend.




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