Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sharing and Caring

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me... Today is officially the 1st day of Christmas. I am trying not to be too bahumbug - I did decorate and send a few cards to be in the spirit. Not going to bake or buy any big gifts so there is no pressure there so that is good. My mom just wants cards so I always get her more then one... one mushy gushy one and a funny one as well.

We had a really nice visit yesterday. I went over to her house after work and instead of going out to dinner, I asked if we could just talk. I knew it would be emotional so I did not want to cry and spew emotion in public. When we talk she usually sits in a chair across from me but this time she sat on the couch. She admitted her vision is so poor that she could barely see me a few feet away. We talked about me moving home with her and I am just not ready to do that... of course if she needed me to I would but I have just barely tasted my indepenence again and don't want to lose that. I asked her about her wanting to stay at home and the thought of moving and selling the house is just too overwhelming for her. It would be her and me trying to sell it since my brother is in Colorado. He would help as much as he could but it is not the same as him being here.

I have been hesitant to share too much on my blog but to me it makes it all worthwhile when you get comments like this from Leigh C at Poonpalooza: I'm a new reader and you are inspiring:) I love how you have taken control of your life. Keep up the good work girl! If I can save someone some heartache or keep them from making some of the mistakes I have made then to me it all worthwhile. Thank you for saying something Leigh, it made my day.

Eating has been hit and miss. I have been low on calories but I just don't have an appetite. I am not complaining but I need to get proper nourishment too. I am getting my haircut tonight so I won't have time to cook anything. I am craving sushi so I will most likely go after I am done at the salon. Until next time...


  1. Good that you didn't resort to the old standby - OVER indulgence in the time of crisis! Good on ya! Post a pic of the new 'DO so we call all see it!

  2. Hang in there Katie! I admire your can do spirit. Christmas time is hard for a lot of us.

  3. Miss Katie J. - your honesty and openness is what brought me here and keeps me here. I may not get to comment much but I read - all the time. I want you to know that.

  4. Love, love, love your blog Katie! I spent a good part of Sunday reading back. Your honesty is poignant and I appreciate all that you share:) Thanks for your shout-out. It means a lot. Keep your head up. People care about you:)

  5. I'm so pleased that your visit with mom went well; you both seem to be growing and dealing with the changes in your lives quite well!

  6. Aging parents is a tough deal-I've been there. Anyways I just found your blog and am enjoying it.


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