Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pee Pill Predicament

Had a decent night last night. I made myself chicken that I marinated in Italian dressing. Turned out yummy.  I did get laundry in so I have clean work clothes now. I did fall asleep with them in the dryer so I fluffed them up this morning and I was good to go.

I take a pill for High Blood Pressure called Hyrdochlorothiazide. I was taking two other BP meds that I was able to ditch because of the weight loss. Well, I ran out of them so it has been 5 days since I took any. I did get them in the mail yesterday so I am back on them this morning. I did get on the scale to assess where I am at and I am up a few pounds because I have not taken them.  It could explain why I am having leg cramps as well. Well, needless to say, I will be making lots of trips to the loo today.  I have really tried to be more diligent about my water intake too. I have met my water quota (64 ozs) for the last few days so that is a big improvement. More on that soon...

Tonight I am going to see my mom at MO. They have a support group/meeting that they encourage the family to attend. I have not seen her since she was admitted on Saturday and while I feel a little guilty about it, she has not been alone at all because she has had visitors daily.  I just needed some time to sort my thoughts/feelings on this whole situation. I want to respect her wishes but everyone seems to have another plan/opinion on the subject. BIG sigh...

I think I may have a cold. It could be allergies acting up too but I definitely have a stuffy head.  I was washing my hands last night and I remembered an old friend of mine, who was a dental hygienist, telling me that you should sing Happy Birthday twice as the appropriate amount of time to get rid of germs. I honestly don't think I wait that long while washing my hands but it would be an easy enough adjustment so I will try remembering to do so. A simple enough step to help avoid cold and flu germs. Until next time...


  1. Glad you're back on your medication, even with the loo trips. ;)


  2. That`s great that you were able to ditch both your other blood pressure medications:) Progress is sweet! I`ve been dealing with a tickly feeling in the back of my throat for a week now. Hope you don`t get sick!

  3. Hope the support group is helpful. That's great that you are down to just one medication! Stay well.

  4. I also hope the support group helps give you some peace of mind. Hugs.


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