Monday, February 6, 2012

Productive but Green

Mornin... How are you all doing today? I am a little green but I will survive.  It was a very productive weekend which was good. I went to my mom's and filed and purged her office of paperwork. We have an appt. to go to her accountant tomorrow for her taxes so I needed to gather info for her and complete the worksheets they sent. I spent most of the day there on Saturday. 

I went back yesterday morning and worked on it for a couple hours and then came home. My cousin happened to call while I was there and she talked a minute or two about my brother and my mom overheard me talking. She cornered me and wanted to know what was going on so I told her. She actually was not all that surprised. She has known for awhile that he and I were at odds but I did not want to burden her with that. She just wants us to get along...

I decided to go to Blinky's and hang out for awhile. I ended up having 4 or 5 Pacificos and a shot of Strawberry Pucker. They had some appetizers which I nibbled on and I ate some pork sausage they had bbq'd. I ate dinner there as well and they served tri-tip, green salad, potato and mac salad and rolls. What got me is the green salad. I piled my plate up with it and it was loaded with yellow, green and red bell peppers and purple onions. Between the pork (I'm allergic) and the peppers and onions, I am feeling pretty ucckies. Why do I do that? I knew those foods might not settle well but ate them anyways and paid for it. I got sick twice this morning... Blerghhh...Until next time...

P.S. Did you see the success stories I posted Saturday? If not, go take a look


  1. I'm sure all parents want their adult kids to get along, but from what I can see, those who get along all the time are rare. Siblings...such a strange relationship isn't it?? Take care Katie.

  2. Feel better soon! And take care of you.!

  3. Hugs and flowers for you! My green friends!


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