Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sharing Success Stories

I wanted to share two success stories with you that I found to be very encouraging. Meet Miss Debbie, she blogs over at Weigh to Go: Diary of a Fat Chick.  She started blogging in August of 2009 with the task of losing 200 lbs.

With hard work and dedication, she modified her eating and started exercising and she was able to lose 193 pounds as of December 20th! She has less then 20 lbs. to lose to reach her goals. In her December 20th post she said:

If someone had the nerve to tell me two years ago I would be almost 200 pounds lighter in 28 months, I would have NEVER believed them! It is my sincere hope to inspire others out there who may be struggling to lose weight. It IS possible. You CAN be successful. I KNOW you CAN do it!!



To learn more about Debbie and how she did it, pop on over to her blog and take a look around. Tell her I sent you, mmmkay?

The next blogger I wanted to share with you is Hyla. She blogs over at Hourglass Red.  She has lost 100 lbs as of January 31st. Take a look:

She has been blogging since November of 2010. She is on Weight Watchers and is a mom to four little ones. So proud of her and I love all the pictures she takes on her walks. Go check her blog out when you have a chance.

It is always nice to see that it is achievable isn't it? When you have seen the transformation it solidifies it even more.


  1. What I love the most about other people's success stories is that they make me believe in all that is possible. I am happy for them, and equally happy for me because I CAN! :)

  2. Katie, sorry for the stress you're under. I know that legal stuff is very stressful! It's great that you posted and touched base, even when things are going that great.

    I appreciate you pointing me to Debbie's blog. I have signed up for her blog and started reading her back posts. I even referred to her blog in my last post. So inspiring! Thanks for sharing. Take care.

  3. Thank you for sharing both of these success has been a rough day and these types of successes make me choose joy & hope instead of wallowing in a pit!

  4. Wow!! They look awesome! I love me some inspiration! :)

    Also, Tag! You're It! Be sure to check out my blog ( to see why! :)

  5. Those are definitely 2 blogs I will have to check out!


  6. What amazing and inspirational stories. Thanks for sharing Katie!!!! And take care of yourself.


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