Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday and Fwends

Woot! Woot! We made it to Friday! Best darn day of the work week! Last night I did a laundry marathon. I did 5 loads and put them all away. What a project! I should not wait until it piles up like that. I still have 3 more loads to do which includes the bedding. How often do you guys change your sheets? I do it once a week most weeks. Sometimes I wait a little longer since I am the only one sleeping on them currently

I have mentioned a gazillion times how much of a Tarjay fan I am. Did you know they now have a debit card? It links directly to your checking account and deducts it from there. It offers a 5% discount on most items and is discounted with each transaction not rewards that are to be claimed at a later date. It does not carry a balance so there are no credit pitfalls. If you want to apply for it you can go online here or you can apply directly at the register. All you need is ID and a cancelled check.

So yesterday, I was out in the back of our building taking a break smoking a cigarette and I spotted this little guy. He had the neatest pattern on his fur. I am not sure why his little head is bent like that but he was very cute to watch. I did not zoom in at all, he was really that close.


Dave is coming over this weekend. The house where he is staying is up in the mountains and they are having some major plumbing problems so he and his friend will be staying over the hill while it is being worked on. He always helps me with household stuff so that will be good. Plus, I like cooking for both of us vs. just me. I will be going to the gym at some point and I may go visit my mom. Not sure about that though. Until next time...

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  1. I love that dog comic...truer words were never spoken, for sure!!!

    The squirrel has an interesting coat, but what's up with his neck? Poor thing!

    Hope you have a great weekend - what are you going to do at the gym?

  2. Have a great weekend! That's such a great plan at Target, thanks for sharing!

  3. That poor little critter! Wonder if it's neck is always like that?


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