Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hump Day Happenings

Happy Hump Day! Hope your week is going well. I am hanging in there for the most part. Last night I made a pizza with Boboli crust. I have never made my own pizza! It was fun and tasty! I can't eat any of the pizza meats like sausage or pepperoni (can't digest them) so I always eat just cheese or veggie. For this I used baby bella mushrooms and cheese. Here is a picture:

The serving size for this is 1/2 and is 200 calories for the crust. The possibilities for toppings are endless. They have a ton of recipes on their website like Roasted Asparagus...yummers! I like my crust crispy so I put it in the oven for 8-10 mins directly on the rack at 450 degrees.

Did not get any laundry done so that will be on the agenda tonight. I need to get in some activity too. I will be meeting with Tim on Friday to start up with the Personal Training. I am excited and scared. It was truly an investment in myself though and I am feeling good about it. I probably would have done it before had I known I could make payments but oh well... I am doing it now and taking the steps to get me to my next goal which is to lose 35 lbs. between now and Fitbloggin12 in September. That will put me at the 100 lbs. lost. It would be icing on the cake (no pun intended) to get to Onderland but I will be focusing on losing the 35 lbs. first. That would be about 6 lbs a month or 1.5/week. Totally achievable with determination and diligence. Until next time...


  1. Yum, that pizza looks great! Glad to see you are doing so well. Looks like we are both on the same path to get down 100 pounds this year. I will be thrilled if it happens sometime this year. And, would love to see it happen in August or September!

  2. You got Onederland, girl! :) And that pizza looks so fab...

  3. I can't believe you've never made a Boboli pizza! They are so easy and like you're discovering, yummy. :)

    Glad you are going to do the personal training - it's time to break through this stalemate you've been are going to feel like a new woman with that 35 pounds gone!

  4. I made my own pizza tonight using flatout flatbread, it was really good! Good luck with your trainer :).


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