Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

Good morning ladies and gents (if there are any gents!) Happy Friday the 13th! I am not too superstitious but I am not taking any chances either LOL! It has been really stormy here in the bay area. In fact, yesterday, Dave was umpiring and they had to call the game because of lightening. That kind of stuff doesn't usually happen for us here in Cali. I guess last night there was a lot of thunder and lightening but I never heard it. I am zonked out with my CPAP machine.

Yesterday was the 13th anniversary of my father's passing.  Hard to believe it has been that long and it still stings but life does move on whether we like it or not. I wanted to share with you an oddity that happened recently. My mom and I had placed some silk hydrangeas on his grave for spring. There is a permanent vase that they go into. Sometimes the weather or the mower mows them down but they usually hold up pretty well. So, I went to put some red roses on the grave and there were no hydrangeas and I am thinking... hmmm that's odd.  There happened to be a new grave next to his and there were they were. There was no identification on the grave which is very unusual. They put a metal holder with an index card usually but nothing was on this grave and then they took the flowers from our grave and added a flag to it and stuck directly in the ground. Very odd! Not that we mind but just strange isn't it? We have had some random flowers show up and never found out who put them there... very peculiar...

My dad's with roses
Unmarked grave
I am scheduled to go to the gym tonight at 6:00 p.m. I get off at 5:00 but I will go directly there and do some stretching and warm up.  I am grateful he is allowing me to make up for missing on Monday night. My brother will be around this weekend so I will end up doing something with the extended family but I plan on taking it easy other then some dancing with Zumba or the Wii. Have a good weekend! Until next time...
P.S. Did you enter the giveaway? I am going to extend the deadline until next Wednesday


  1. Stay safe down there Katie....your weather made our news here in Vancouver this morning!!! Have a great Friday. (and weird about the flowers)

  2. Thunder and lightening is very odd for your neck of the woods! Girl, you had some Texas weather going on!

    Have a good weekend. Enjoy your workout, and I hope you have a good visit with the fam.

  3. I suppose if I found something like that at the cemetary I would hope that it was someone who could not afford to buy flowers to mark their loved ones grave. The roses you placed are beautiful.

    We had odd storms here yesterday too - half the sky was pitch black and half was sunny. We ended up getting a double rainbow!


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