Monday, May 21, 2012

Affairs in Order

This weekend will go down in the history book of my life. This post is not going to be cheerful one so you have been alerted.

Friday night my mom ended up in the hospital. Her blood pressure was really low so I called her cardiologist to see what we should do. They said to take her to the ER so we did. Turns out she has a UTI which actually can cause confusion and fluctuations in her BP. I stayed for about 2 hours then excused myself since Bob was there. I told him I have been there sooooo many times that it was his turn to stay with her. They ended up coming home around 1:00 a.m.

Saturday went well at my mom's. We had 1-800-Got-Junk come out and they loaded their truck 2/3 full so it was $454! Whoa! But, what a difference it makes having all that stuff gone. They were even kind enough to even sweep up after themselves. Albeit the fact it was expensive, I think it is a great service and would recommend them to anyone. They start at $99 and go up from there. I also cleaned out some of her cupboards and drawers. I got tired and called it a day in the afternoon and then went home and went through paperwork and did some filing and sorting etc.

Yesterday, was just a sad, sad day. First off, I went to my mom's to put her Advanced Directive together. In light of her new diagnosis of Dementia, it was time to finalize her wishes while she is coherent enough to make decisions. It was hard on her and I understand why it was upsetting to her but it will help us all in the long run. I told her that even Bob and I have them just in case. Every adult should have one regardless of their age IMHO. It makes it easier to respect the persons wishes when they can't decide for themselves. I have even started writing the obituary. It may seem totally morbid but honestly, it will be one less thing I have to put together when she passes.

I left my mom's before noon to say goodbye to our friend, Dick a.k.a Blinky. He has terminal cancer and just has a few more weeks to live so he is going home to his family in WA state. He came down to the bar so people could say goodbye. I thanked him for all he has done, that I love him, to have a safe trip home and that I will help Danielle and watch out for her for him. He said "Love you too Kate" It was sad but having the opportunity to say goodbye is priceless.

Tomorrow Dave is going in for knee surgery. I swear it seems like this day would never come.  I need to help him put together his Advanced Directive too in case he dies on the table or what have you. Not that I am expecting the worse but better to be prepared eh? Through the last 5 months, he has stayed with me on and off and there hasn't been a month were he was not there at least a few days so even though I broke up with him last July and he "moved out" in January, I am still striving to be on my own again and be able to move ahead with my life. What a concept huh? Until next time...

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  1. I am a bit of an ostrich and do not have any advanced directives noted - brava to your mother for facing that task, as I know it is so hard to consider. Good going to you, Katie, for spearheading this.

  2. Sending big supportive hugs your way Katie. Take care of yourself while you are taking care of everything else.

  3. I would say make preparations for Medicaid as well since a nursing home is most likely in her future. It sucks but will save you heartache in the future.

  4. I think it is a good idea to be working on the obituary and stuff because when the time comes, it will be hard to think straight. (((hugs)))


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