Monday, May 14, 2012

Friends Flashbacks Fantastic Foam

How was your weekend? Mine was great actually. I spent the majority of the weekend with my mom and brother and boy howdy were we productive! On Saturday, I started out by cleaning out her utility room cupboards. I have been wanting to do this for YEARS but she would not allow me to but my bro and I have a Don't Ask Just Do policy. She watched me and told me it made her nervous but I told her it needed to be done and if it bothered her then to go in another room in the house and of course prefaced it by saying that I meant no disrespect.  There were cleaning products in there that were older then me :-o I swear. Some of the packaging was downright hilarious!

Then I started working on the shed and garage. As I was moving things around, I found a friend. I named him Larry. Hi Larry!

Then I found Bill the Black Widow. He was hanging out near the roof but when I sprayed the wall with the hose, he came flying down. I did not see exactly where he landed but shortly found him on the pipe.  Bill is NOT my friend! My brother suggested squishing him! I was like, ummm no, I don't want to hear him crunch. Blechhhhh! Bye bye Bill!

As we were cleaning the cupboards and drawers, I was having major flashbacks to my youth.  Utensils we used for certain things, a pancake batter holder, certain cups, etc.  It made me happy to think about all those things. In fact, I felt like my dad was there in spirit with us as we gave the house some much needed attention. Plus, my dad loved the backyard and it has basically been neglected since he died. I intend on spending more time out there now that we have done the work. We are planning to do more next weekend so I will take more photos then.

My brother spent 90% of the time power washing the backyard. What an amazing job that thing does, like holy cow. Look at this! The top portion is the before and the lower part is after! Whoa!

Left sidewalk
Redwood Deck - After

View from bench on the Deck
We took my mom out to dinner on Saturday night to the Fish Market. I had an entree which I have not done in eons so it was good. I also tried this Pear Martini that was incredibly tasty! Will definitely have one of those the next time I am there.

After doing all that manual labor for two days, I was sore. I have a foam roller but I have been only using it marginally but last night it was sorely needed (pun not intended) So after I took a long shower, I laid down on the yoga mat and rolled my pain away. I was especially sore in my shoulders and calves so that is what I focused on. I slept like a log that's for sure. Until next time...


  1. A lot of work but wow, it looks great! And thumb's up to the foam roller. :)

  2. That kind of cleaning out is what I do for my old people all the time. It is really funny the things the hang onto. I don't drink, but a pear martini sounds good. Do they virgin?? lol

    Have a good day

  3. WOW! Awesome! Foam Roller is the bomb dot com!


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