Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hoping and Coping

I had a pleasant but emotional evening. I ended up spending a couple hours at the salon. First the haircut and then I got a facial and my upper lip and eyebrows done. Feels good to have happy brows again. My is Nicole and she asked me not to go anywhere else for my eyebrows and I agree with her. Sometimes cheaper is not better. Threading does last longer but I don't want to ever walk around with mismatched brows again. I made another appt. with her in 4 weeks and when I go in, I am going to have her tint my eyelashes. Have you ever heard of that or done it? I had done it a few years ago and was really pleased with the results. I did not have to wear mascara for at least 8 weeks. That will be perfect for summer right? Especially for swimming.

The scale has been bouncing up and down lately and has been progressively going down again over the last week or so. I will start posting weight stats again on the 14th which is a week from tomorrow. I will be back to exercising more regularly and should finally see the scale continually moving downward instead of the back and forth with the same 5 lbs. I would like to lose be in the 240s by my 46th birthday which is June 21st. Until next time...


  1. Hi Katie, glad things are going well. Have a wonderful Wednesday.

  2. Just wishing you an awesome day!

  3. I have neaver heard of the eyelash tinting but I am interested!

  4. Hi Katie, I think your e-mail may have been hacked, I got a suspicious looking link in an e-mail from you earlier!

  5. It is great to hear someone having a good day and I am glad for you...I too have never heard of eyelash tinting....maybe if you get the chance you could elaborate more on it? I have such small eyelashes plus they are so light, would love to know more especially since with my daughters wedding coming up.

    Hope that your day is good today also.


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