Friday, June 8, 2012

Hot Stuff!

Happy Friday!!! Woot Woot! This has been a funky week and I am just glad it's over. I am looking forward to having a nice weekend. The only thing I have "planned" is to take Dave's granddaughter to work and go to lunch with my family. I am a little apprehensive about the lunch because my cousin and I had a text exchange about my mom and we did not agree. He wanted me to force her to attend a family dinner. I disagreed. She does not want to be seen in her current state and I get it. Just because he is older does not make him wiser, that is for sure. Lunch should be interesting tomorrow... I plan on keeping quiet...

I am getting a hot stone massage. I have never had one with stones. Here is the description from their website:
I prefer a medium pressure massage. One of the massages I did last year actually hurt me afterwards because the pressure was so hard so I am more verbal about the pressure now.  I meant to tell you guys that when I did it last month, I finally decided to go nudie patootie. I had no issues and she was actually able to work on my hip muscles which were fairly sore so I am over it now. I am paying good money so why not enjoy it fully right?

I got a Groupon for Glass Blowing as a gift to myself. I am fairly crafty as I have mentioned before and I have always been interested in glass blowing but to take regular classes is expensive so this is a great way to try something new less expensively.  The class is for two hours and we will be making bowls. I am excited about it. Hopefully, I can schedule something soon. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Until next time...


  1. Oh wow. Can't wait to hear how the glass blowing goes. Have a wonderful Friday Katie.

  2. Have a great weekend Miss Katie!!

  3. I did a hot stone massage recently as a reward for my 30 lb weight loss. I loved it!!! They are so soothing. Enjoy! Cheers~


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