Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day

I am blogging from my phone today. I have a break from 9:40 to 11:00 so I am having a bite to eat. I will need to figure out a new time to blog. I'll either do it on my break or lunch.

I went to my mom's on Saturday and she did not recognize me :-( it was SO sad! I knew this day would come but I don't think you can prepare yourself for that. I saw her Sunday as well and she knew who I was thankfully.

My blogging may be spotty as I get used to the new schedule. I'll announce a winner for the giveaway tonight when I get home. Until next time...


  1. It's got to be so hard to not have your own mom recognize you. Glad Sunday's visit was better.

    Hope you're enjoying your first day as a kinder teacher!

  2. Katie make her a photo book with current pictures of you and family and write your names and little bits of facts or trivia you want her to remember. Sometimes before it (dementia/alzheimers) has gone too far they can still read.

    I'm so sorry that she didn't remember you..No matter how much you do to prepare for it it still hurts when it happens.

    Hugs to you..Have fun with all your kinder folk..:)


  3. Congrats to you on your first day. I too am sorry to hear this about your mom, it is truly hard even knowing the circumstances. No matter how prepared we are. The suggestion about the album sounds wonderful, as a matter of fact I think I will use that idea for my dad.

    Take care

  4. It took a while for my Mom not to recognize me (she suffered a long time) but when she did it was torture. If you need to talk to someone, I am always available.

  5. So sorry about your mom. Hugs and prayers:)

  6. wow...what a whirlwind going on in your life. So sorry to read about your Mom - but glad she knew who you were on Sunday. Hugs to you Teacher Katie!!!


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