Sunday, April 28, 2013

Color Me Surprised!

I wear a lot of silver jewelry. I love gold but don't have the budget for it. With silver comes tarnish. I have used the cloths that come with the jewelry and also a few different polishing solutions. They worked okay at best. I have my Tiffany jewelry cleaned by them but they send everything out to NY.

I decided to Goggle a local jeweler that I could use and found a forum where a gal named Kat had posted the following recipe:

  • Warm tap water
  • Rock salt/table salt/baking soda
  • Strips of aluminum foil

Put the above ingredients in a jar with a lid. Place items to be cleaned in the jar. I placed two necklaces that were pretty tarnished. Just shake the jar intermittently and watch the tarnish disappear. There is a chemical reaction between the foil and salt. For heavily tarnished items you will need to treat them longer. One item I did in the first test was pretty bad but was good to go in about 20 minutes.

Small Jar

Small square of foil

Tear into small squares

Add salt (or baking soda)
Add hot tap water


I also tried it on a few more chains and pendants. I was a little concerned about the stones but they came out wonderful! I also had did a pair of earrings that I've had for over 10 plus years and they came out great too. I will show you pictures soon.

Until next time...

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