Saturday, July 27, 2013

Final Goodbye ~ July 25, 2013

We had the funeral for Betty on Thursday, July 25th at 11:30 a.m. There was about 30 people in attendance which was just the right amount of people. It was a closed casket ceremony, however we did have a private viewing (Bob and I) and we actually wrote letters to her and placed them in a drawer in the casket.
I spoke at the service but Bob did not. He and my mom did not speak at my dad's service but I felt compelled in both cases. Here is a synopsis of what I said:
When we were growing up we didn't really hug or say we loved each other but all the cards we exchanged had the same sentiment ~ that we loved each other but never said it. After my dad passed in 1999, we started saying it to each other every time we talked. So out of a tragic event came a positive.
My mom had a great sense of humor. Even towards the end she gave me zingers like "Oh you look familiar" when I know she knew who I was. Well on of the other stinky things she did was there are years of photos that she never organized and told me that Bob and I could deal with them after she passed. The other thing was some Hummel figurines that her mother collected and she never really liked them so she said you can deal with them when I am gone.
This is a collage I put together of her life. I got the frame on sale at Kohl's and it held 27 pictures. I got a lot of compliments on it. In fact one of my neighbors said I should start a side business doing them...
This is a gorgeous plant that the neighbors bought. This pic does not do it justice.  My mom lived in the house for 44 years. Some of them have known me since I was 3 years old!

These are from a dear, sweet man I met through D. He is 84 himself. He told me he would keep me and my mothers soul in his prayers until the day he dies.

Peace be with you,


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