Friday, March 7, 2014

Fear of Sharing

I have been hesitant to post because allegedly there were/are people that were using the information against me. All I can say is I will not kowtow to anybody who is going to be vicious. There is so much to say but I am tapped emotionally so this is a summary of what happened the last six months.

Buried my mom
Sold the family house
Broke my arm and cheekbone
Let go from my job
Broke up with boyfriend (again!)

Here is a test you can take to gauge where you are on the stress scale. My score was 421 - Eeeek!

  Until next time...


  1. Katie, so sorry for all you've been through these last six months! Just wanted to send you some virtual hugs!!

    1. Thanks Biz - can always use virtual hugs xoxo

  2. major bummer (that people are reading about your life here and using it against you??!!)


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