Friday, April 4, 2014

Pushy Peeps

The other day I was in a social situation and encountered some acquaintances (man and wife) that I had not seen in some time. Both of them have had gastric bypass surgery. The husband had it over 10 years ago and the wife was within the last year or two. The wife specifically has had some major issues/complications surrounding her surgery and recovery.

Having bypass surgery is such a major AND personal decision. I support anyone who does it but for me personally I don't think I would be a good candidate. I did tons of research on the various surgical options and it's just not in the cards for me.

What floored me about this situation was not only the timing and venue but also the judgy way it was said. Who the bleep chooses a happy social gathering to berate someone about getting GBS???

My payback was to buy her shots of tequila and watch her get sloppy drunk and embarrass herself... 

All I know is that after that conversation, it will be a long time before I engage in ANY conversation with the two of them.

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  1. You know, they gain their weight back too a good portion of the time. When will people know that what works for you may or may not work for me? Berating me about anything is just not the way to go to "motivate" me. Gah!

  2. You wrote "buy her shots of tequila and watch her get sloppy drunk" and I haven't quit giggling yet :-)

    Way to go Katie. You are spot on about 'how' to deal with weight loss being a personal decision, and not something to berate fellow travellers on - whatever path they choose to follow.

    By the way, remind me never to mess with you [insert wink here]

    1. ;-) Deniz -- A friend taught me the drink trick. It works every time lol

  3. Weird, did they say you should have WLS or what? I can't quiet figure out what you were on about. Who said what in a 'judgy' way?
    I have also investigated WLS for myself, but am not allowed as I have internal bleeder issues, my last surgery nearly killed me.

    1. Yes, they said I should have the surgery - that it will solve all my issues. I too have bleeding issues so that was one of my considerations as well.

      It was the wrong discussion at the wrong time. Having a discussion about it at another time and place would have been okay but the fact they looked down their noses pissed me off

  4. Being given 'advice' when you have not asked for it is the worst!! I think of it as Ass-vice :P

  5. They are idiots to think the surgery will solve all of their problems, and LOL for getting her sloppy drunk as payback. You are MY kind of gal! :)

  6. Let's see... you have lost 60 pounds so far on your journey and you did it all on your own. I think you are doing just great!

    Weight loss surgery has tons of risks, with gastric bypass having the most risks. Everyone has to choose what is right for them (you were so right on about that).

    Who are they to look down their nose at you? You lost 65 pounds without surgery. What if you looked down on them? How would they then feel about their choice?

    I have to say, I myself have looked into getting WLS. I wanted the Vertical Gastric Sleeve so badly at one time. You know what? I can't afford it and my insurance doesn't cover it. So, I decided to go back to doing it on my own but this time putting my absolute all into it.

    Blogs like yours inspires me. Know why? Because you and people like you are out there doing it on your own WITHOUT surgery. It gives me hope that if I put my all into it, I can be a success story too. :)

    ~Kellie @ Shaping Up Fabulous


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