Thursday, May 29, 2014

Winding Road

Life has basically kicked my ass the last 10 months. We sold our family house after 44 years. Then I fell off my bike and ran out of time off at work. 

In the meantime, I've been dealing with braking things off with Dave! Yes, you read that right for my long time readers.

Dave came back to live with me last Feb. (2013) I had kept in touch with him the whole time he was gone and really thought he had made some changes.  At first things were different but after awhile, he started to revert back to his old ways. I really should have made the break then but my attention was focused on my mom. To give you an example, about 3 weeks prior to her death, he drove my car drunk and smashed the glass in the dashboard with his fist. Then I was finding bottles of whiskey in my cupboards and drawers. I'm all for getting a buzz but not to THAT degree.

I gave it all I had to make it work but I couldn't live that life anymore. I waited until this February and told him he had to move but it didn't happen until a few weeks ago. 

I'm actually enjoying the peace and quiet. I do miss him but I know good things are in store for me.

Until next time...


  1. have had a lot going on. Take care of YOU. :) (((hugs))

  2. gotta get the bad shit outta the way to make room for the good shit...

  3. I hope Dave does not come back again Chick.


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