Monday, November 17, 2014

Clutter and Chaos!

Well it is now official. I am a homeowner! Phew! It is so exciting! Woot Woot!

With that excitement comes the preparation for getting to my new home. My brother Bob offered to help me move and his schedule was for me to move December 5th. That is basically 3 weeks from now. Yikes!!! Not a whole bunch of time. Its as good a time as any and probably better to just rip the Band-Aid off.  I started packing today and have some people who have offered to help but you know how that goes... at least in my experience. People say they will help but its just lip service.

One major decision I made is to only take Bogart with me. I have had Otto and Cindy for almost two years now and when I made the final decision to buy the house, I decided that I wasn't going to be able to manage all three of them.  I never intended to be their forever home. I love them with all my heart but having 3 animals and the upkeep that comes with it has just worn on me. At one point, I thought it was possible but after a lot of thought and contemplation I made the decision. They technically do belong to D but she cant take them so it has been an issue. I just hope and pray that it all works out but I am also going to stand behind my decision. I have purchased carriers, cat boxes and food so that whoever takes them will be fully set up. 

My health has been sketchy. I got lax about poking the belly. Its been weeks since I had done it but I got back on it today. The good news is I got a new mask for my CPAP machine and it no longer leaves indents on my cheeks. Can I get an Amen!?!  I need to stay healthy during the move! Its going to be stressful enough without feeling badly.

Until next time....


  1. I hope your move brings everything you are hoping for...

  2. I had to give up my cat one time. It was tough to do but I knew it was right for me and my family. Sometimes you have to put yourself first! I hope you find them the perfect homes! Congrats on your house and your new CPAP mask. I too have sleep apnea but I cannot stand the machine...I sleep sitting at an angle in my recliner. Not the best either but at least it keeps me alive. We all press on! Keep pressing!!!!

  3. I just played a little catch up. So excited for your new adventure! Xoxo!
    Sue (MrsFatass)

  4. What a gorgeous looking home! I hope you can post more photos, I love seeing other people's homes and styles/decorations.
    I hope you can re-home the two cats.


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