Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My New Friend

This is my new puppy Sophie! She is a 3 month old Yorkshire Terrier. She is a purebred and her grandfather was an award winning dog.

When I first got her (2/11/15) I did not know what to name her. I had first thought of Mitzie or Maddie. Well I happened to bring her to a store in the mall and told the young sales gal that I had not named her yet and she suggested Sophie. My grandmothers name was Sophie so 
thought it was perfect!

Bogey is being a good sport. He must think I am nutty (in his little kitty mind) First there was Otto and Cindy and then they left and now Sophie. Well, Sophie is not going anywhere but he has had to adjust to them and to the new house and I think he is doing pretty good.

I have been walking her twice a day but since she is still so little, we can't walk very far but I plan on lengthening her walks as she gets bigger. She is like a toddler and I have to follow her around everywhere. Then there is potty training. Whew!

Until next time...

Tuesday, February 17, 2015



 Is there anyone out there? I didn't realize it had actually been almost two months since I posted. Well I am still here and truly do plan on posting more. My biggest success was when I was posting here and having accountability. It helped keep my brain more organized even.

I am at 247 as of this morning. A pound less then October. At least it did not go up! Eating has been better lately but it was pretty sketchy when I first got to AZ. Not having things handy like knives and pots and pans was a contributing factor but I have most of it unpacked now.

I have mostly been just unpacking and getting the house set up the way I want. It has been fun but it is also a HUGE responsibility too to be doing this on my own. Character building!!!

Until next time...