Tuesday, February 17, 2015



 Is there anyone out there? I didn't realize it had actually been almost two months since I posted. Well I am still here and truly do plan on posting more. My biggest success was when I was posting here and having accountability. It helped keep my brain more organized even.

I am at 247 as of this morning. A pound less then October. At least it did not go up! Eating has been better lately but it was pretty sketchy when I first got to AZ. Not having things handy like knives and pots and pans was a contributing factor but I have most of it unpacked now.

I have mostly been just unpacking and getting the house set up the way I want. It has been fun but it is also a HUGE responsibility too to be doing this on my own. Character building!!!

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  1. Hi Katie! Glad to hear from you. AZ is a beautiful place. I visited there a year ago and loved it. Hope to see you blogging again.


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