Thursday, October 13, 2016

Autumn Greetings

So it's been since July that I posted! Seems like I pop in quarterly instead of daily like the old days. Every time I think about when I was successful with my weight loss the blog comes to mind. Not sure if its the accountability or the writing down of goals and objectives but I really should do it for myself...

I am at 242. Any loss from here on out will be new territory. Just to be in the 230s again would be awesome. I have not used my Fitbit in forever. It so hot here in the AZ that it got sticky and yucky plus the horrible tan line. Also, tracking food just got to be a drag.  Excuses but I also think that it was such a successful tool that I waiver back and forth about using it again or finding an alternative that is less cumbersome.

I need to look for a job! It's been 2+ years since I worked. It's been almost 13 years since I applied for any job or went on an interview. Not sure what I want to do either. Most of my working life was in Admin and the last year I worked was teaching Kindergarten. I don't have the energy to do that anymore! I loved it but I just can't do it full time. Need to do some brainstorming about that.  I did get approved to drive for Uber, but I am chicken to start. I also thought about being a Master Artist for Paint Nite between my love of being creative and my endearing personality, I think I would be a great fit. I actually just applied so I will let y'all know.

Hope everyone is doing okay! Until next time...

Katie J


  1. Hi Katie J. :)

    I'm happy that you posted. It seems to get more and more lonely in the blog universe but I'm still posting daily and talking to the wind it seems at times. haha

    It struck a chord with me when you talked about it having been 2+ years and applying for a job. Best of luck! Hmm, let's see… I've been on my own and freelancing for almost 5 years now. Eek. I do think about looking for a job, even a part-time one, just to be around people again. But no, I have so much to work on with my weight and health and winter is coming (snow and icy sidewalks here in Indianapolis). I think I'll keep doing what I'm doing.

    Congrats on your weight loss and good luck with the Master Artist position for Paint Nite. It sounds like it will be fun.



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