Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday Photos

Here are some photos that I wanted to share:


Sleepy Kitters


Dressed Up!

Dressed Up again?

Smoochie Poochie Face

I don't like this tie MOM!

Where we goin?
Santa's Baby
Scoping out the neighbors
My daily visitor

Have a great weekend! Until next time...


Thursday, January 7, 2016

My Hummingbird Story

I have always loved birds. Especially Hummingbirds. Birds have significance also because my dad's nickname was Eagle and he loved the St. Louis Cardinals so my mom decorated with them year round. When my mom was alive, I mentioned to her that after she passes that I would go see a psychic medium and our code word would be "Birds" so that I knew it was really her. She agreed.

About 3 months after my mom passed, I did in fact go to a Medium. A few minutes into the reading, LeAnne said "All of as sudden I see a bunch of birds!" You can't ask for more proof then that eh? I actually have that reading recorded. It was a wonderful experience and everything she said was spot on. Amazing really! Since the day my mother passed (July 18, 2013) I have seen a hummingbird EVERY DAY. Both in California and here in Arizona. Arizona is actually in the migration path for four different kinds of hummingbirds. When I landscaped my yard, I had hummingbird friendly trees and plants put in and even got a screen door with hummingbirds. I also did a tattoo with a hummingbird.


Wednesday, January 6, 2016

I'm Back!

Thanks LuckyMama for the check in! I was actually thinking about blogging in general and if it is still relevant and I decided to keep blogging even though my posts have been super sparse.

I am mentally feeling much better. I have been getting out every day and going to the local dog park. It is fun and its good for both of us.

Finished all my dental appts and now I just need to go in for regular cleanings. Uggghhhh that was a pain but I am glad it is over and money well spent.

I did go to the gym a few times with the personal trainer but the arthritis in my knee is really acting up. I did get a cortisone shot in it a month or so ago and it is still painful. I totally do NOT want to have knee surgery. Whatever I can do to avoid it! Ugghhhhhh! I have been going on daily walks with Sophie but even that is painful.

That's it for now... I will be back soon!

Until next time...