Saturday, February 28, 2009


I have been thinking about what triggers overeating for me. A lot of times, I find myself eating when I am bored and especially when I am feeling down. Now that I have been logging food and blogging I have become more aware of these triggers and try to avoid them. If I am bored, I can put on my iPod and dance or if I am feeling down, I can do something positive like calling a friend or reading something positive and get over that feeling instead of just stuffing my face.

On a side note: I went to Costco with Danielle and she was making a large batch of spaghetti. She bought two 6 lb. packages of meat. When I lifted them up I thought "Wow, I have lost over three of these packages!" They were heavy! I can feel the difference with the 20 lb. weight loss but that really put it into perspective.

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