Thursday, April 9, 2009


It was so chaotic yesterday at work! I did really well though. I think that is the highest caloric burn to date. I met my step target of 6,000 as well. I did great on food and that is including the cake. I had a tiny little piece but at least I got the flavor of it AND I only had two bread sticks. I just made sure I loaded up my plate with salad.

This morning was weigh day. I have been wavering with a few lbs. up and down in the last two weeks due to the cellulitis. So technically, I am now up 1.2 lbs. I am down 23.8 lbs total. I am okay with this and will not let it discourage me. My activity is increasing and that is a big achievement. I will forge ahead and keep focused on my goal of 40 lbs. by cruise time. It is 15 weeks and 16.8 lbs. Totally achievable! By the way, we are having another meeting today with 6 extra large pizzas! There is a veggie one so I think I will do one slice and salad from yesterday for lunch. There is left over cake but I am not going to have any. Until next time...


  1. You are doing so well! Keep at it. You can do it. I'm digging that bugg thing you have. I've never seen one before (only on the arms of Biggest Loser contestants. I love the features you have.

    I did the elliptical this morning for 30 minutes. Honestly, I don't know how you can do this because after 20 I wanted to give up. I'm going to do 30 in the morning for a week then increase it to 35 and then 40. I want to get on it for an hr.

    What cruise are you going on??? How fun. I love cruises.

  2. Good for you Jennifer. It does get easier if you keep at it. Try to focus on the goal. Do you wear an Ipod when you do it?

    We are going to Alaska on July 19th through the 26th :) My mom has been 3 times prior and just loves it. This is my 3rd one total. I have been to the Caribbean and the Mexican Rivera. I love them too! We will stay in Seattle the day before and I am looking forward to going to Pike's Market where they throw the fish :)


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