Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I love Salmon!

I did okay yesterday. It was a real emotional day but I managed to get through it (Thanks, Nicole) I had Salmon for dinner which I love. My friend Debby, who I think is the best cook on the planet says she loves my Salmon which is a HUGE compliment. All I do is sprinkle a little parsley, squeeze a little lemon and some seasoning and voila!

Today we are having a meeting at work and we are catering a lunch. It is pasta and salad with bread sticks. There is also going to be cake. I plan on a having some of each but will practice self control and have a big salad! The challenge will be the bread sticks though, they are phenom! Until next time


  1. We had birthday breakfast at work today, there are still donuts, huge muffins, cupcakes, etc... and I am proud to say I had none of it and stuck to my honey nut cheerios and milk...Now there is a luncheon that will most likely have leftovers (pizza!) Oi Vay!!

    But, I am sticking with what I brought, but I know how hard that is!! Good luck with your lunch!

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