Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday and Bugg'd

Here is yesterday's stats. Look at that sad, flat line. I think there was a few more calories burned but since I didn't have it on I don't really know. I came home from work, got online and plugged it in. I am going to do the Biggest Loser workout DVD so I am looking forward to seeing those spikes. I am glad it this week is almost over. BTW today it was 70 degrees and it is going to get lower over the weekend.. from upper 90s to low 60s in one week is freaky! It actually broke quite a few records in the area! Until next time...


  1. I think all your heat came this way, it was 82 degrees here today!

  2. Miss Dana! I miss your posts! I feel like you were my welcoming committee for the Blog world. Before February I would have NEVER thought that I would be doing a daily blog but here I am months later and 16 followers... you inspire me and I love your posts so whether or not you use your bugg please keep posting when you can :) Did you here anything about the job??? Take care girlie!


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