Saturday, May 30, 2009

Crunchy Saturday

Good numbers yesterday. I went to my friend's bar that is called Blinky's Can't Say and sang karaoke last night. I am actually a good singer. I used to sing every week but now I do it like once a month if that. I have been drinking red wine (mostly Cab) and drink it with a big glass of water and lemon. Oh how I miss my Coronas! Well I drank 5 - 4 oz. glasses which was approx. 500 cals. It was over the course of about 5-6 hours. I feeling a little crunchy today - just a little bit tired :-) I am thinking a nap and then a bike ride are the plan for the rest of the day. It is 80 degrees and sunny out so it is perfect for a ride. Hope you are enjoying your weekend! Until next time...


  1. What is life if you can't have a little fun? Sounds like you have found a good balance!

  2. Sounds like you had fun!

    Enjoy your bike ride.


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