Monday, June 8, 2009

Sluggish Sunday

I was an absolute slug yesterday! The good news is that I adjusted my calories so I would have a good deficit. I managed to get a few errands in and a few chores done around the house but slept and watched movies the rest of the day. I got my Flirty Girl DVDs on Saturday so I plan on doing one tonight. Most likely I will do Booty Shake. Until next time...


  1. Hi Katie, I just found your blog - love that you post your BodyBugg stats! I have one are burning more calories than me (boo on me!). Great job on your weight loss so far!

    P.S. I grew up in Santa Clara - went to Buchser HS (before it changed to SCHS).

  2. We probably know some of the same people =)

    BTW I use Screenhunter to do the screen captures.

  3. Hi Katie! I did what you're doing at about the same age - dropped 100 pounds or so in my early 40's.

    Congrats on your progress. That's really fabulous.

  4. Los Gatos - what a pretty town! I loved to go there on Saturdays and window shop...and there was an old theatre in town that showed foreign films, right? I went on several dates there.

    I was a candystriper at Kaiser and that was my other "hangout" - loved it!

    And yes, we might know some of the same people!

  5. Thanks so much Mary! I just found your blog and found it quite inspirational! You look fabulous! :) Welcome to my blog!

    Shelley - I love Downtown L.G.!! The theatre is still there and they show regular movies now. I used to work next door at Petroglyph the ceramic store. Kaiser has a new facility on Lawrence and Homestead now. It is state of the art! The old hospital is empty and fenced off.

  6. Those look like super cute DVDS! My husband would enjoy that way too much. LOL


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