Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Spin, Spank and Giddy Up!

Had a good day yesterday! Usually Mondays I am burnt and I don't schedule anything for that reason. I am trying to retrain my brain on this. Why limit yourself right? Anyways, I ended up doing 12 minutes of the Flirty Girl DVD. It was fun! I can now do Spin, Spank and Giddy Up! Woohoo! These are preview DVDs so I imagine the "real" ones have longer segments. This one just had 10 mins for each section which was the Instructions, The Routine and then the Sexy Stretch. Did not get all my steps in but came close and did well on food. Until next time...


  1. It's not always in the number of steps, per se! A little here, a little there. It all adds up and makes sense eventually, somehow!

  2. Ha, I can't even imagine what you are talking about, but it must be interesting. lol

    Have an awesome Tuesday!


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