Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Typical Wednesday

I didn't do the Core Rhythms DVD. I tried to find it and it wasn't where I thought it was. It is probably in the trunk of my car with a bazillion other things. I took it easy and only did one load of laundry. I was just super tired for some reason so I didn't push myself. Still achieved a good deficit. On a side note: I am getting a little neurotic about the scale again so I will have to hide it until Friday. Tonight I am going to Fish Market per usual. Until next time...


  1. Sometimes tired happens. For me it happens all too frequently! Hope you're feeling more energized now. =)

    BTW, I read a comment you left at South City Sweety's blog and may I just say, you made my month. I was feeling a tad low last night and that brought tears to my eyes and really lifted my spirits. Thank you!

  2. Awwww I am so glad Jo!! She is a brand new blogger and I thought that I would share my "fave" girls with her.

    Yes, I am back to "normal" today. It has been a bit emotional lately in my little world so I think it just kinda caught up with me.

  3. Listening to your body and resting when you need it is a good thing. You have been a busy lady lately!

  4. If it has been real hot, taking it easy is a good idea. Heat exhaustion is no fun.

    Have a fun night out!

  5. My scale batteries died and i have not bought more so i could get away from that for a while. :)


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