Sunday, September 20, 2009

Better days are coming!

I had a great day yesterday! After Morning Chi I took Dave to his football game (he is a Ref) and went to the Farmer's Market. I bought some purple and red bell peppers, a loaf of bread and some cute blue earrings. Spent the next few hours straightening up and spot cleaning the carpet. Also got some reading in (The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl) Went to pick Dave back up and we had some dinner. We cut up some leftover tri-tip and sauteed the peppers and onions and put them in 98% fat free tortillas. I added a little sour cream to mine and they were really tasty!

My mom rescheduled on me so I have the day open! I am going to class (only 2 more!) and then Dave has more football games. I think I am going to take my bedding to the laundry mat. It is going to be in the upper 90s today so I will be trying to stay cool for sure. I know that summer is over on Tuesday but how can you call it Autumn when the temps are over 100 degrees? Hope you all have a wonderful day! Until next time...


  1. I'm so happy you had such a great day yesterday! Hope today is wonderful for you as well.

    Isn't 90 degree weather in September called Indian Summer? Man, I remember how I would wear my new fall sweaters to school, only to regret it later in the day when the heat set in! Hopefully it won't last long for you.

  2. 100 degrees! Oy!

    I've never heard of purple bell peppers! I'm intrigued! I love bell peppers ever so much. They're my favorite veggie.

  3. In the 90's your way, 44 degrees at my house this morning. You lucky girl you. Fajitas must be in the air because I made them chicken style last night. Hope your happy trend continues.

  4. Seems so unfair we have BOTH short days and 100 degree temps. :)

  5. sweltering here as well...



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