Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Psuedo Monday

Calories burned Sunday: 2543
Calories burned Monday: 2142

After yesterdays fiasco with my mom I went to Sizzler with Danielle and ate. After calming down and thinking about it some more I came to the conclusion that it was mostly blood sugar related. Between Dave bitching about my driving last weekend, hitting the pole on Wednesday and then her questioning me it just pushed me over the edge. It is not an excuse because in hindsight I should have handled it better but it is what it is.

I am still in a funky mood today. I am trying to curb the negative thinking though. I don't want to spiral out of control and unravel all the hard work I have put it in in the last 9 months. Not in the mood to walk tonight but know that it will only make me feel better. We actually recruited two ladies, Judy and Margaret to go with us. Not sure if they will come but I say the more the merrier. Until next time...



  1. I hope that your funky mood passes. Please do take that walk, even if you don't want to. it will make you feel better and give you time to relax and free your mind :) Have a good day

  2. Sorry you're not feeling up to par Katie.
    I've been in such a funk myself.
    Put some tampons on and take a pic ... I promise it'll make you feel better!
    Hang in there ... I know how hard it is to be in "that" place.

  3. Hang in there, Katie - funky moods always pass. Maybe look back at your starting posts and pictures to see how far you've come, and how hard you've worked - don't let anything come between you and your goal!

  4. I have to confess that I too have been extremely bad-tempered lately. That's no help whatsoever, eh?

    Maybe in order to be slim we have to become uber bitches. Seriously, sometimes moods overtake us and thankfully they do pass. Mine usually last about 2 years. Argh! I am no help am I?

  5. Actually knowing I am not the only one makes me feel better. Misery does love company after all :-)

  6. Walking is for you and that is what you need. Don't give in. Stay strong!

  7. Maybe there is something that rings true about the term "skinny bitch?". LOL...just joking.
    Your post made me giggle when I saw Sizzler b/c for some reason I see the guy on Happy Gilmore asking Shooter about going to Sizzler. And you probably have no idea what I am talking about....lol

  8. Awww, Katie, I'm sorry you're still in a funk. Even if you're not up for it, go out for the walk. I'd bet anything it'll end up making you feel better.

    And don't you dare unravel these past 9 months of weight loss! You've worked so hard and come so far, Katie, don't even think about throwing it away!

  9. I've been there, done that! For me it's definitely hormonal, but don't tell me that when it's actually happening, lol!
    Ride it out, it will get better! Taking a walk will definitely help.

  10. Sorry you're in a funk - I hate when that happens! Good for you, though, not letting it let you come undone. That is a testament to how far you have come! Hope you feel better soon!

  11. Just like with everything else, when stuff comes up we have to practice our new lifestyle. Sometimes we can keep going, sometimes we run for what we know best. It's a process. Know that you will handle it. Exercise is a perfect remedy. [I hope I am listening to myself LOL]

  12. Hi Katie,

    Hope your week is going better. I am working on the emotional aspect of my weight. Anger is a tough one, can be scary for me sometimes. Sending you some positive energy from the coastside...:-)

  13. Hi,

    Don't worry. This is a normal stage. Do consider participating in Project 31. Is my way of giving a helping hand to those who wish to change for the better.

  14. Blood sugar is a killer for me too! I really notice that whenever I start getting pissed off at everyone in my life for trying to hassle me all the time, it's because I need a cookie. Or something healthier, but still, same thing, need to eat. :-)


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