Monday, September 28, 2009

Rethinking Mondays

I did not wear my bugg on Sunday at all. I ate like crap and drank at least 4 or 5 beers yesterday. The scales said I was up 5 lbs. this morning. Part of it is water retention from all the salt I consumed. Bleccchhh... Feeling pretty gross this morning... Not a nice way to start the week. The difference is however that instead of landsliding into a food oblivion I will get back on that horse again. I took chicken out to make for dinner tonight and during the week for lunches. I am going to the grocery store at lunch to get breakfast and snacks for work. Maybe I will change my weigh day to Wednesday cuz I don't think I am liking Mondays. Until next time...

P.S. Kate at Fabulous at 50 gave me an Honest Scrap award. Thank you Kate!


  1. Wednesdays are much better, because they do allow you a couple of days to recover from a busy weekend!

    Well done for getting back at it - remember, fall down 6 times, get up 7!

  2. Hi Katie,
    I find Mondays hard too. We usually eat with my boyfriends family on the weekends and they are fabulous cooks! Wednesday does seem like a better day.
    Congrats on your choices today!

  3. I've weighed myself on Wednesdays since 1995 simply because it's smack in the middle of the week. But, don't let yourself use a Weds. weigh day as an excuse to slide into oblivion either. Just keep trying to do your best.

  4. Oh man. I simply hate that bloated feeling from too much salt! I can totally sympathize though. I'm in the same boat today. I'm trying to down a large amount of water in hopes that helps flush me out for my weigh-in tomorrow. We'll see! Hope you feel better soon too.


  5. I vote for Wednesdays (like my vote counts, lol!).

    Glad that you are getting back on track and seeing the difference of the NEW you vs the old you. Progress, you have it!

  6. I have a Tuesday weigh in that I kind of love. It's close enough to the weekend that there's still a bit of pressure there, but it does give me Monday to let my weight return to a more normal number if there were salty/alcoholic weekend distractions.

    Go for whatever day feels comfortable for you, but just keep going. I know it must feel like you've been fighting the same few pounds for a bit, but just keep at it. You'll bust through this plateau and be making lots of progress again in no time.

  7. I definitely for a change of THE day. This is a journey and you are normal, so you had too much yesterday. Today is a new day!

  8. i like a friday because im always shit at the weekend lol... it used to be wednesday though and that was good too. do whatever feels right. I totally couldnt do mondays. pah

  9. Hello from Santa Cruz area! Thanks for following. My weigh day was/is Sunday. That is not a good day either. Is there an 8th day we could weigh?

  10. That beer is fun/good stuff, but empty calories. I think that and the salt does the bloat/gross thing. (But I don't drink anymore, so I'm going from memory. lol)

    I know you'll get back on the horse again. You have done an amazing job!

    Wednesday is a good idea.

    Keep on plugging away! Don't you just wish we could wave a magic wand and ta da, the weight would be gone? lol

  11. my sister in law KEEPS EMAILING ME about the bugg.

    do you think it is entirely worth the money?!

    THANKS :)



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