Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bargain with Betty

Just a short post for today. I am going to my mom's in a little while to work on paperwork again and I still need to finish working on my room so I told her we could get together tomorrow night so she gets a bonus visit. She agreed and I am relieved. I updated my progress pictures finally as well. I hadn't done them since August! You can check them out here. I need to update my measurements as well. Will do that soon. Hope you all are enjoying your weekend.

I wanted to acknowledge that I was graciously given an award by Marcelle and I will formally post it tomorrow. Thank you my dear sweet friend. You have such a kind heart! Sending hugs to you in Germany XOXO


  1. Looking forward to seeing the progress! Good luck with the paper work...

  2. Paperwork? You crazy party animal!

    Have a great week...

  3. The link won't let me see the pics-hope to see them soon.

  4. Allright Katie, you're still making progress!


  5. I saw your name on Fat Daddy's blog and followed you. First I went to your photo blog. Whoa!!

    You are on an amazing journey!! Congratulations on your continuing success!!!


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