Friday, November 20, 2009

Do I get to keep it?

Went to dinner with my mom last night. Went to the Fish Market and had Covina Sea bass. It was yummers. We are going to go to Macy's tomorrow to check out their sale. Mom said if I find something that she will get it as an early Christmas present. Yay for me!

So I got on the scale this morning and it said 259 which means two things: I have broken into a new decade AND it also means I have 99 lbs. to lose vs. 100+ but since it isn't my normal weigh day do I get to keep it or should I wait until next week to count it?

I have been having trouble with the local cable company Comcast. I called them at the end of last month and I have yet to get it installed. I won't bore you with the details but they are finally coming this morning to connect the land line, cable and Internet. However, they have made me mad and I can reduce my bill by getting Direct TV and they are going to come out tomorrow a.m. to install their service. The best thing about that is the DVR! I have never had one before. It is so funny because I am technically savvy but I am always the last person to get the latest technology. I had a dial TV up until 2 years ago and ran the cable through the VCR. Some of the younger readers might not even know what a dial TV is. Damn I am old! Anyhow, I am just glad to have TV again. I hope you all have a nice weekend! Until next time...


  1. I can remember Tv with a dial and I am not old, damn it!

    Dinner sounds yummy. Enjoy the DVR. I loved mine, but really it just made me watch more TV. I just got rid of it a couple of month's ago.

  2. Oh hells yes you can keep it!!! Congratulations on breaking into the next decade AND now having only double-digits to lose!!!!!

    P.S. You will love you DVR - I can't imagine life without mine now! And yes, I remember TV's with dials - my dad used to get mad when my brother or I would spin the dial too fast, lol!

  3. Not only do I remember the dial, I remember rabbit ears and antennas on top of the house!

    I'm jealous of your DVR - I can't get DirectTV or anything like it where I live, too many trees blocking the signal. So, I'm stuck with cable and unless we want to upgrade a pay a whole lot more, well, just ask me about the 3 VCRs I run - lol!

  4. I remember foil wadded up on the rabbit ears of the antennas to clear up the picture even more!

    Congratulations on your continued progress, Katie. Very inspiring. I hope you find something great for your mom to buy you for Christmas!

  5. Congrats on the weight loss that is awesome!

    Katie you are such a sweetheart, you are always so positive, and there for me and it seems everyone else!

  6. Katie, I agree with Shelley! Keep it!

    Also, I'm like Helen....I not only remember the dial I remember rabbit ears and antennas on top of the house! Our family didn't get cable until the 1980's!

    Congratulations on being out of the triple digits! I look forward to that day myself! Be proud of yourself! You deserve it! You're a wonderful inspiration to me!

  7. I vote you get to keep it. Fantastic! Congratulations on that milestone, Katie.

    My family was the last on the block to get color TV. Although, our neighborhood was one of the first to get cable. When I moved to NYC there was no cable. I was in shock. LOL

  8. Congrats on breaking through the decade!!! That is my hope for me for the end of the year.

    You will LOVE your DVR - no technology savvy needed - it basically runs itself - sort of.

    Love watching you on this journey!!!

  9. I didn't even want DVR but it came with our TV package - it is so great! I can't imagine not having it now. You are doing great! congrats on hitting a new 'decade' lol

  10. Congrats on the breakthru! Love the's the only way to watch TV. Particularly great for football games, as you can just jump from play to play and skip ads. The best is for The Biggest Loser - I can pass on all the heart felt drama and get to the part I want to much everyone lost and what the voted off person looks like. Can you tell I like DVR?

  11. I say keep the loss! Way to go on having only double digits to lose, Katie!

  12. The new zone of weight loss, it's a good place to be. Keep it going.


  13. I left you a little something in my blog today....

    You are doing so well...keep going.
    I have no idea what dial up tv is...but thats cause I lived in Africa and we didnt have tv until about 35 years ago....LOL


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