Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Weigh-In Wednesday

Calories Burned: 2231
Calories Consumed: 1748
Calorie Deficit: 483

I am up 2 lbs. I am not surprised given that I have been pretty damn lethargic lately and I did attend the Can't Say Christmas party - I kept it under control in comparison to prior years so that to me is progress.

Thank you for all the prayers and positive energy going out to Debbie O. I also asked my prayer group at church to pray for her. I will keep you posted on her prognosis.

Had a good day yesterday. It started with one of my co-workers, Jesse, who came home from Iraq recently (2nd tour) and it was the first time I had seen him since he came back. It was SO good to see him! He will be back to working with us on January 4th. Then two of my coworkers received gifts from their boss and they were scarves/wraps. Neither one of them thought they would ever wear them so they decided to give them to me. I love wearing scarves and accessories so they knew I would get use out of them. I wore one yesterday (it totally matched) and I am wearing one today. I already have gotten compliments on both of them :-)

My mom is going to the eye doctor today and my friend Larry will be taking her. Larry is Debby's husband. (Debby not Debbie) They live a few blocks away from where she lives and they keep an eye out for her. I am so grateful to have such kind, caring friends. I don't know what I would do without them in my life.

Tonight one of Dave's friends (Dave L.) will be graduating from the program so I will be going to see the ceremony and then we will go have dessert at a local coffee shop. I will make adjustments today so I can accommodate the calories. I will most likely split something with my Dave. Until next time...


  1. How fun, I love new accessories!

  2. I am so confused with all of the Daves and Debby/ies and Larry and his brother Darryl - oh wait...of course, my son Sam had a college roommate named Sam whom I called "other Sam" so I get the craziness! Anyway, have a good day, and I'm glad you got some bonus gifts!

  3. Okay, I am totally stealing the title Can't Say Christmas Party for a party. Like, being able to call it that is really the main reason for wanting to have it. FANTASTIC.

  4. So last year I gained somewhere between 12 & 15 lbs between Thanksgiving and Christmas. 2 lbs?? YOURE DOING AWESOME!! Think about if you werent workin' at it :) Kudos lady!

  5. From yet another Debbie: You are doing a wonderful job! Look at that burn! You're making plans to accommodate any extra calories for tonight, which is great!

    Anytime I get an unexpected gift it is an awesome day!

  6. Gotta love it when people give away their gifts! The 2 lbs will be off in no time!

  7. Oooo! Free accessories.

    Better than before will keep you moving forward.


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