Thursday, December 17, 2009

Trembling Thursday

Calories Burned: 2273
Calories Consumed: 1845
Calorie Deficit: 428

Glad I had a deficit at all for yesterday. I did not eat badly but I did have some miniature desserts in the afternoon. Our building management company hosted a dessert reception. There was a chocolate fountain and more delectable delights then you could imagine. I had a tiny eclair, a sugar cookie and a little truffle like candy. I took a pic but damn blogger still won't let me upload pictures.

Did not attend the ceremony at SA but did go out afterwards with Dave L, Dave Y, Mark and Betty. They had a very interesting story to tell which I will elaborate on in another post. Betty had given Mark up for adoption when he was 3 weeks old and he looked for her and found her in 2005. He lived about 30 miles south of her his whole life. Whoa! More later on this topic...

I am going to see my mom tonight finally and having a little anxiety about it. It has been almost a month OMG! but I am sure it will work out okay. I can grin and bear it for a few hours right? We will go to Fish Market so my food will be good for the day. I will be just glad to get it over with and move onward and upward. Until next time...


  1. Here at work is dessert city too, it's tough passing it up. Hope tonight goes well with your mom.

  2. Sounds like you made good choices with the desserts. You definitely didn't over do it, which is good!

  3. Yum...a chocolate fountain. That just makes me hungry.

    You did great! You enjoyed a few sweets and STILL managed a 428 calorie deficit!

    Hope all goes well tonight with your mom!

  4. Wow - isn't that weird - only 30 miles! Do you ever watch the new show "Find my Family?" While the host is awful, I always cry like a baby when I watch it!

    Good luck with your Mom tonight!

  5. Chocolate fountain, thank goodness I'm not there as I have a craving for chocolate at the moment...been months since I've eaten it and now I eat it daily!!

    Wow, 30 miles is so close and not to know is so sad, this happens to so many people.

    Enjoy the time with your mom, remember life is short and you dont want to live with any regrets.

  6. Looks like a great day with the calories!!! Hope you have fun with your mom. Not sure what is going on there so not sure what to say.

  7. Hi Katie. I hope it goes well with your mother this evening. Remember to take your needs into account at all times. Eg if you feel like you've had enough then don't be afraid to say you're tired and have to go home, or that you have to get things ready for tomorrow or whatever.

    Good Luck!

    Bearfriend xx

  8. Hey-Hope things go great with your visit :)

  9. A dessert reception? Wow that sounds decidely decadent. You did well to resist a what the hell I'll do it anyway binge and you present a deficit. Way to go!

  10. I have confidence that you are doing the right thing for your body. Way to go Katie!
    Now enjoy yourself.


  11. I hope your meeting with your mom went well.
    I have never been at an event with a chocolate fountain...the universe must know it wouldn't be a pretty site to see me diving in head first!

  12. Good grief - a dessert reception!? lol Chocolate fountain?!? Do you know I've never even tasted a Krispy Kreme doughnut because I think I'd be on to a hiding to nothing if I did! lol I'm having pudding at a party tomorrow night and I'm really looking forward to it! I hope it's good - would hate to waste calories on a rubbish dessert! lol

  13. Hey Katie, hope your dinner with your mom went well. Just wanted you to know that I'm thinking about you.

  14. Hi Katie,
    Just to say hi and see what you are doing! :)
    Hope your visit goes okay.
    Merry Christmas Sweetie!


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