Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Don't mess with my 2/2

Not much of a deficit for yesterday. I was extra hungry for some reason. I had a Florentine omelet for dinner which I usually cut in half and save but last night I ate the whole darn thing. Then I was putting jam on my English muffin and had a spoonful or two in addition to what I put on my muffin. Do any of you do that with jam, jelly or peanut butter?

I bought this cute little charm from Jenn over at Watch My Butt Shrink. She has an eBay store and a website and sells charms that fit my Pandora bracelet. How freakin cute is that huh? There are all sorts of cute charms but I tried to control myself and only bought one today ;-) I am thinking of starting a necklace as well. If you have never seen Pandora bracelets and charms you need to check them out. I just LOVE mine!

We had a land line put in yesterday and in the process of hooking it up they disconnected my DSL. Grrr! Supposedly it will be rectified by Thursday and no one needs to come out to install it. We shall see... Their service has been less then stellar.

Not sure what is on my agenda tonight. It is bowling night but I am not in the mood really. I need to do a hardware store run and organize a cabinet so I may do that. Would like to get in a walk to but it might rain so we shall see. Until next time...


  1. i tend to be gentle on the peanut butter on my toast.. but.. confession! after spreading it i stick my knife in for a another little scoop of pb & just eat it off the knife! AHHH. and about eating the whole omelette yday instead of just half.. i ate half of TODAYS lunch last night!

  2. Yeep! Anything that messes with your internet service is evil. I hope it gets fixed soon. :(

    I hope it doesn't rain and that you're able to get a walk in tonight! You can do it Katie!

  3. Well, at least it was a florentine omelet & not something you'd really regret later. lol I have to measure out PB, applebutter & jams or else bad things happen & my 1tbs turns into 2. oops

    Oh no! Not the DSL? Hope they get it fixed quickly!

    Have a great week

  4. I hope you have a good day. I overindulge in jam and jelly if I'm trying not to have candy or baked goods. I catch myself and want to slap my own hands! Two-timing back-stabbing SELF! Blargh.

    Do something. Tonight.

  5. Oh, I eat Peanut butter by the spoonful, no problem!

    Thanks for the plug, lady! :-) I really, really appreciate it!

  6. I also love the new natural peanut butter I found at the health shop!!!

    Remember something my dear and special Katie....I HAVE SO MUCH TIME ON MY HAND EVERYDAY...if I didnt get myself to gym ( an outing ) I would sit indoors daily and get depressed...I go to gym and workout to get out...nothing more... I do worry as one day when I have a life again will I want to go to gym?????

  7. I love the charm!! To cute. I hope they get the internet fixed soon. They shouldn't even make you wait as long as they are.

  8. Did somebody say Pandora? Does 93 charms make me an addict? That's a very cute charm in the picture.

    I'm sure that some of my poundage is directly attributable to peanut butter AND jelly. Together like nature intended.

  9. I have to control myself big time with peanut butter-it is too good and a little is a tease.

  10. Cute charm! I love the Pandora bracelets but don't have one...I need another jewelry obsession like I need another hole in my head, lol!

    I measure out my peanut butter and jelly and then put the jars away so I don't go back for seconds - I have to protect me from myself!

  11. Hi Katie. I always dip the spoon into the jam. But I have allfruit spread or reduced sugar types so I don't feel too bad about it! Have you tried them? I try not have honey anymore, but it often happened with that too. I have barely ever bought peanut butter in my adult life because it wouldn't last long. And as for Nutella ....

    Any day with a deficit is a good day.

    Bearfriend xx

  12. I usually avoid peanut butter because I love it too much (although don't stand between me and peanut butter blossom cookies)! Jams, too, are something of a weakness. The only way I can have either is to pull my measuring spoons out and take exactly 1 tbsp of each and put them away.

    My mom started me on a charm kick last year for my birthday. They're perfect as little goal recognition gifts and I'm working on a schedule for purchasing the next few I want. Will have to check out that charm website.

    I'll echo earlier sentiments - a deficit is still a deficit. Don't let it get you down, you're doing great.

  13. Husband is the jams and pb freak. I do love PB. I buy him the organic unsalted now. It is yummy. Peanuts and nothing else. I have fruit allergies when its processed, so stay away from anything with fruit in it if it's not fresh.

    Very cute charm.

  14. Cute charm! I don't eat PB or jam/jelly often. I do get reduced sugar Welch's grape, and I usually put my bread on the scale and weigh my jelly portion. The other day PB&J just sounded good, so I had one. That's once in a blue moon for me, though.

    I haven't been bowling in years--sounds fun. But so does organizing. (I'm warped.)

    Hope you get that DSL back soon, I'd be climbing the walls!

  15. Don't you love the phone company? :) Cute bracelet!

  16. I got a Pandora charm bracelet for Christmas! I love it! I can hardly wait to get my next charm!

    Do you know if they have any scale charms? I was trying to find one... but I came up empty.

    Yours is fabulous! I love that charm! :)



  17. My eldest daughter sells Pandora in the shop she works in, hence I can get a 20% family discount.. but I have resisted the temptation so far.
    I love peanut butter, but it does not love me, it heads right from my stomach to me butt!

  18. OH NO, that did not sound right! I meant the peanut butter settled on me bum as fat.. lol

  19. Love your Pandora charm. I didn't know that Jenn had an eBay store. Thanks for the info.


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