Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tentative Tuesday

I forgot to grab my bugg this morning so no screenshot for yesterday. I did fine on food though. Since I did not have my car yesterday, I brought a Lean Cuisine Panini for lunch and then had soup and a turkey and cheese sandwich for dinner. I was mentally spent so I decided to go to bed early and was asleep by 9:00 p.m. I got on the scale this morning and I am down 2 of the 10 lbs. which made me feel a little better. I am just going to acknowledge it and move forward. That is where I would fail before and why this journey is different. I will not unravel all my hard work just because of one binge or failure along the way.

I still am not drinking enough water which I really need to work on. Why is it so hard for me to drink it? Is drinking 64 ozs. okay or do I need to drink 80 ozs? Here are some of the many benefits:
  • Regulate appetite
  • Increase metabolism
  • Boost energy levels
  • Less water retention
  • Alleviate some headaches
  • Help reduce blood pressure
  • Help reduce high cholesterol
  • Ease joint pain
  • Decrease in risk of some cancers
  • Less chance developing kidney stones
  • Release toxic waste products
  • Improves skin

It is not as if it isn't available. I have bottled water at work AND at home. I have all sorts of "cute" water bottles. I have Crystal Light and other packets to add to make it palatable. I have lemons to help with the flavor too. So why? I am sure it's like anything else. There is an adjustment period and once you get used to it - then its not a hassle. One resistance for me is that when I am at work, I need to have someone cover the phone each time I use the restroom. I feel like a pain having to get coverage know what I mean? I suppose I am just over thinking it but I do worry about it. I will try working up to it and see how it goes. Until next time...


  1. Ugh..water is the ONLY thing I HAVENT had a problem with....especially lately. My "binges" have taken control and Im desperately trying to take it back. You can do it...easier than you think. Sip all day or big drinks every 15/20 mins and it will be gone in no time. I do understand the having to get coverage, but its only for a moment. dont give up on it!!!

  2. I have a trick for drinking more water, Katie. Just imagine you're in the middle of the Sahara desert on a blisteringly hot day. You're just parched and would sell your soul for a glass of water. To make the illusion more realistic, dump a bucket of sand in your pants. It's guaranteed to work. Guaranteed!

  3. Water is all that I am drinking right now. I gave up all soda and anything with artificial sweeteners. Needless to say getting enough water is interesting but I am getting there. I used to make myself drink at least 48oz before I allowed myself to drink anything else. It was a mind game but it worked. Glad to hear the scale is going back down

  4. All those reasons you listed are the reasons I made water one of my Perfect 10 challenge goals. It is so good for us, why is it so easy to drink other things (even other non-caloric things)?

  5. I have to make a conscious effort to drink water... I don't have the same problem with coffee! :o(

  6. I drink a ton of water - it's actually something I've gotten used to and crave over my beloved unsweetened iced tea, which is huge! However, I have the same bathroom/phone coverage issues at work, and it's embarrassing to practically announce that you are going to the restroom all day long! But, it sure does keep me full and my skin looks better, so I guess it's worth it.

  7. Jacksh*t never fails to crack me up. Good to hear the scale is reversing, Katie. You're doing everything you can - just keep trying with the water. It's definitely a challenge, but it is such a great tool. Good luck!

  8. I hear ya on the water. I've actually hit my goal of 8 glasses a day for the last few days, just by ALWAYS having water next to me, and drinking it fast, lol! Seriously, as soon as I fill up my glass, I try to down at least half of it, that makes it easier for me, I don't know why.
    I hear ya on the bathroom thing, though - that's a tough call.

  9. Thanks for the reminders to drink more water - some of those listed are new to me. You have the right attitude Katie - just take it one day at a time...:-)

  10. Congrats on the 2 pounds down AND for the great attitude!
    Loved the list of benefits of drinking water. I need to get back to drinking plenty of water too. I've been really bad about it lately. But now, I'm off for a nice full glass of it!:-)

  11. This journey IS different; well said, Katie!

  12. I am back on track with my water and it makes such a difference.

    woot on the two pounds. i am dreading my weigh in this week.

  13. You're right, water is so important, but I understand your concerns at work. My dh has recently upped his water consumption & has been whining all week about how many times he has to pee. D'uh. lol

    All you can do is try your best & adapt it to fit your life. :)

    Great attitude about letting it go!

    Best wishes,

  14. Just tell your co-worker you are drinking more water and thats that-no biggie.

  15. I have trouble with the water thing, too. I have to make a schedule and make sure I stick to it. They say now to count all liquids. I was taught 64 oz.

  16. Are we on each others blogs at the same time? lol :) Yeah those nachos might have been $12! lol :) Water is my BFF- I cant get enough of it! :)

  17. MY trick for drinking water is this -
    Every hour on the hour, say for example, I drink 4 to 6 oz of water.
    I work 12 hours, so that's over 2 liters a day, just at work.
    Taking it in just a little at a time won't make you sick or sloshy.
    And is probably absorbed better anyways!
    I might just post about it one of these fine days!

  18. I find that I get as much water as I'll need by actually drinking green tea. I drink about 72 ounces of it in the morning alone and then I transition to water later. Lots of things foods contain a high amount of water too...don't feel that you have to tackle it all via water alone.

  19. Ooh! You are doing so well!! Glad to hear that you got rested and had a loss too! Congrats!!
    I need to catch up on sleep tonight too :D

  20. I used to drink tons of water, even at work. Now that I have been home with the baby, I can barely drink 8oz of anything a day, let alone 64oz of water. I start everyday by filling my large water bottle, but grab only a few sips a day. I am going to work on this tomorrow. :)

  21. I have the same issue with water...not so much I don't like to drink it, but I have trouble drinking 64oz of anything during the day!


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