Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Chosen Baby

I have always known I was adopted. My earliest recollection would have been about 4-5 years old. The way my folks introduced the concept to me was through a book called The Chosen Baby. It was originally released in 1939 and went out of print in the 60s. The synopsis of the book says “First published in 1939 and based on the author's own life, this is the story of how a married couple and the two children they eventually adopt come together to be a true family. The gentle text reassures readers that an adoptive family can be just as loving and close as a biological family. Pen and ink illustrations accompany the text.”

It was basically the “go-to” book for parents needing to explain to their children that they were adopted. It explained that we were “special” because we were “chosen.” The storyline is actually similar to mine in that they adopted a boy first and then a girl after. I have a brother who was also adopted and he is 5 years older then me. We are not biologically related.

I just came across the book the other day and it reminded me of a good story. We had a neighbor who had adopted their (only) daughter Yvonne and they borrowed our copy of the book. Well, we never got it back. Well by the time I started looking for the book, it had already gone out of print. I was able to find a used copy of it on Amazon for $4. It is tattered on the corners and the pages are yellowing but it is a sweet reminder to me.

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend!


  1. What a cute way to bring up adoption-got to love Amazon~

  2. A sweet reminder of how it can all work out in the long run.
    Amazon, eBay, cragislist... They are like a buffet - for life itself!

  3. I am so glad that you were able to find a copy of the book. I love all of the on line shopping we have available to us.

  4. Love the title of the book. I guess we were lucky to both be "chosen"
    Any word yet on your non-id? I know the waiting is hard still here if you need to talk. I wonder if there will be any surprises like things you thought you knew but don't match up with what the info says sometimes the social workers got it wrong. My birth date is still the same but everything else changed...

  5. How sweet. Glad you found another copy. I hate lending books to people because you never get them back!

  6. That's great you were able to find the book on Amazon. I can't believe the book was not returned especially since it obviously a very special book.

    The cover and title is very cute. I just love old books and their illustrations.

  7. Hi Katie. I have also bought second hand books to replace ones which I no longer have from my childhood. A sort of reconnecting with that time.

    I bought a lovely hardback copy of "The Doll's House" by Rummer Godden on Ebay. Very special.

    Bearfriend xx


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