Thursday, May 13, 2010

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

CONGRATULATIONS TV & Book Addict!!! You are the winner of the Green Girl Giveaway items. The winner of the Pink 34 oz. insulated pitcher is Kate at Fab Kate. Please email with your contact information and I will get your prizes sent out to you. Thank you to all of you who entered. I will be doing another giveaway in the next few weeks so stay tuned for that.

I wanted to share the list of snacks that you all came up with:

Apple with peanut butter
Baby carrots
Baby carrots with hummus
Carr’s Whole Wheat crackers with cheese and grape tomatoes
Chocolate smoothie
Cottage cheese
Cottage cheese with apple, cinnamon and Splenda
Dryer’s Real Fruit bars
Fiber One Yogurt
Fresh Strawberries w/ nonfat yogurt, cereal, cocoa nibs and cinnamon
Frozen banana with chocolate syrup drizzled on it
Fruit with Greek yogurt
Garden Veggie Crisps
Grapes (Frozen)
Lowfat Wheat thins
Mandarin Oranges
Microwaved string cheese
Sugar-free chocolate pudding
Tomato basil rice cakes with cheese
Turkey jerky
Veggies dipped in cottage cheese w/salsa
Wasa crackers with fruits and cheese

I have never heard of microwaving string cheese! I will have to try that. Also, turkey jerky sounds pretty tasty.

Last night Andy came to pick up the mobility scooter. The hallway looks open and happy! Yippie!! It was frustrating because it ended up being a catch all for things and even if I cleaned our place from top to bottom it still looked cluttered because of the scooter.

We had pasta for dinner with caesar salad and garlic bread. Tasty stuff! Danielle made the sauce and technically I don't like spaghetti (noodles) but I can eat other shapes. I did not do any exercise. Just watched American Idol

Tonight I am going to Personal Training with Grace (Come hell or high water, Shelley!) She was concerned about me and I thought she was upset since I am a slackalacker but all is well. If I think I am going to reach ANY of my goals I better get the show on the road. Going to the gym once a week is just not enough! I need to look at the schedules again and find a Zumba or Bellydancing class that I can go to on a regular basis plus continue to do the at home stuff and PT once a week. That should work. MUST implement. I am great at coming up with ideas but I am a little weak on follow through if you haven't noticed ;-) Hope you guys are having a good week. Until next time...


  1. Congrats to the winners and what a great list of snacks! Glad you are getting to the gym - I will be thinking of you tonight! I think the main key to exercise is to find something you enjoy doing, be it Zumba or whatever...that will keep you going back.

  2. Congrats winners. String cheese is in the air today. Look at Exquisite Christines food for yesterday - she had a snack of microwaved string cheese topped with marinara - looks yummy!

    I agree with Shelley. Find what you love and you won't be able to stay away from the gym!

    I left you a thank you on my blog today, come take a look.

  3. I agree with Shelly the key is to find something you enjoy. Once you do you will find yourself looking forward to your workouts.

  4. Great snack list, Katie. The jerkey is good, both turkey and beef! High protein, almost no carbs or fat, and takes a while to chew! Hope the gym workout was good and fun!

  5. The microwaved string cheese stopped me in my tracks, too. Interesting idea! The list looks great. Enjoy your workouts!

  6. Thanks for sharing what everyone came up with in the snack department. I'm always searching!!

    Congrats to the winners!!

  7. Nice list & congrats to the winners!
    So ... how many of us are chomping at the bit to try microwaving their string cheese? I currently have two varieties in my fridge ... hmmmm ...

  8. :D thank you... email sent :D

  9. great list. I don't have any string cheese...wishing I did...

  10. "slackalacker" ... that's funny.

    Nice snack list and alphabetically yet!
    I have never heard of microwaved string cheese either. Yum.

    I'm weak on the follow-thru too.

    YOU have a great week, Katie!


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